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Arguably the best party game ever


The goal of Devil's Advocate is to anticipate how your friends will feel about certain polarizing statements. Will they agree, disagree, or hide their true opinion? 

Devil's Advocate is a table top card game designed for parties of 4-16 people. It draws inspiration from: Would You Rather?, Poker, and people who like to argue on Facebook (which is everyone).

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"Disagreements are up 30% since we purchased this game. My wife and I agree on even less than we thought."

-John G, Chicago



"If Cards Against Humanity and Settlers of Catan had a baby... that game would suck. Devil's Advocate is brilliant."

-Rick L, New York


"I alienated my family faster than ever! Awesome!"

-Curt M, Louisville


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All the fun of the card game, but for AppleTVOh, and it’s free! 

Wirelessly connect four iPhones to your Apple TV and get ready to laugh.
You’ll learn more about your friends than you might have bargained for.

Search for "Devil's Advocate" on the Apple TV App Store.

Then, download the iPhone Companion App.



Hi I'm Len

Devil's Advocate is my first game. It was inspired by some awesome friends who enjoy debating topics even when it involves taking a position they don't really believe in. Why do they do that? Because they're a**holes who like to argue. But an interesting thing happens when someone takes a position opposing their own...great conversations, empathy, and uncovering the mysteries of life. Or something like that.

I'm a marketer by trade, a graduate of Second City's comedy writing school, and am supposedly "internet famous" for proposing to my wife by turning myself into an internet meme on Buzzfeed. I'm a Chicagoan who recently relocated to Venice, California. Because snow.

Argue with me on Twitter. Or send me an electronic communique