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No one actually wants to receive a gift basket.

Agree. While they're a very nice gesture in theory, they lack very much practically or thought. 

Disagree. Gift baskets are fairly expensive and a really nice way for a person to receive a sample of different things they may love.

Yeah but how often is that the case? It seems like with gift baskets you get 1 or 2 items you really will want to keep and use, and then 10 other things that just sit around because you feel bad for throwing them away.

Yeah but it's on the giver to figure out what a receiver is really interested in. If you know someone likes beer, they'll likely drink all the beers in a craft beer gift set eventually.

Fine but in many cases like gift baskets full of cheses and meets or bath products, there's just no way you're going to be able to determine the specific tastes of the person you're giving a gift to.

Fine so what if half the stuff gets thrown away. Half of gifts probably get thrown away, this is just a microcosm of what happens with entire universe of gifting.

OK so if you really want to give people the gift of beer, or cheese, or BBQ sauce, or whatever, why not just give them a gift card to a very specific store? They can then pick exactly what they want and still get the impression that you (the giver) really knows them.

OK but that's just one small step away from giving cash which is super impersonal. A great gift basket takes a lot of time to find. It's a really nice sign that you spent time trying to find a perfect collection for your friend or family member.

Sure but let's talk about the plastic wrap it usually comes in. Not attractive.

Sure but you're supposed to immediately take that out. The plastic is just to temporarily keep the items together and fresh.

But half the stuff being kept together is weird straw and confetti.

But a lot of people like the look of gift baskets. That's why they're a giant business that continues to thrive.


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