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Losing your wallet is worse than losing your phone.

Agree. You can still get around with a phone. Without a wallet you can't drive, take the bus, withdraw cash, and more.

Disagree. A smartphone costs anywhere between $500 and $1000 dollars to replace. It generally doesn't cost you anything to replace credit cards and getting a new ID is relatively inexpensive.

Yeah but there's a lot more time required to replace the contents of a wallet because of the variety of things in it. A phone is just one item that stores everything in the cloud.

Yeah but don't forget all the time it's going to take to reset your new phone to the old settings. Even if you backed it up, it's never a simple process.

Fine but the majority of people keep their phones locked. At least if you lose your phone no one can go and use a bunch of your information to buy merchandise. A wallet full of credit cards can be exploited and cause you a big headache.

Fine but because it's locked, it's also very hard to return to you. Honest people who find wallets often mail them back to the address listed on the ID inside. Phones don't have a mailing address.

Ok but if you return a phone to a store like Apple or Verizon they usually can figure out who the owner is and get in touch.

OK I've never heard of that ever happening and you probably haven't either.

Sure but wallets also rarely get returned. At least not with all the contents remaining.

Sure but smartphones are also more susceptible to being stolen, not just lost. It's much easier for a no-good-doer to sell a phone than to use a credit card in public where cameras are everywhere.

But we're straying from the point. Sure phones and wallets are becoming more unified with things like Apple Pay, but the reality is that the vast majority of people still have most of their financial and identification profiles stored in tangible format in their wallet. Losing it sucks.

But if you lost both your wallet and your phone, you'd be far more inconvenienced by the lack of phone because you wouldn't have an easy way to replace either or call your banks to stop all transactions. Especially because people increasingly don't have land lines anymore.


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