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Clothing should be priced based on size.

Agree. More cloth equals more material and thus the buyer should have to spend more money.

Disagree. The potential increase in profits for the store will be negated by consumer price confusion.

But smaller people will appreciate getting discounts and tell other people about the pricing since it's unique.

But they're only going to tell other small people, while medium and larger individuals either won't care, or will actually be offended when a friend shares this information.

Well it's not like the prices will be that much different anyway. People of all sizes still have to pay the same for the cost of the store employees, transportation, designers, etc.

Well even if it's a dollar more for a larger size that still is discriminating against people based on their body type. Something they may not be able to control.

Although a private store has the right to price its products however it wants.

Although this isn't about what's morally or legally right, it's about what makes the most business sense.

If it's about business and making more money, then shouldn't we look at other businesses charging different customers different prices like airlines? 

If we're making a business comparison, the airline industry in general is in a terrible financial state and is a poor example.

That may be the case, but a business needs to constantly innovate around product, price, and promotion to stand out. This would stand out.

That may be the case, but in this particular instance this price structure would have been tried more if it actually had a chance of working.


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