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It's pronounced JIF not GIF.

Agree. People have been mispronouncing it for years and finally the creator went on record to clear up how it actually should be pronounced.

Disagree. That's like going to Australia and telling people to say words without an accent. If a word has been spoken a certain for a long period of time, that becomes the norm.

So based on that logic if enough people believe the world is flat, we should just accept that as fact?

So you're saying that facts and word origins are the same thing? One is a data point and the other is a form of identification. It's not apples to apples.

Fine forget the creator, there are plenty of examples of words that sound like J but start with G. Giraffe, giant, and gentle.

Fine but there are just as many that go the other way. Girl, gamble, guilty. 

OK semantics aside, if there's a person who creates something, and they're alive to help add context around it, we owe them that right.

OK we can give them an opportunity to offer their perspective, but they don't own every element of an idea that has spent years evolving and being shaped by all of society.

Sure but the creator could have been saying "JIF" from the get-go, and no one noticed until recently since GIFs have become so popular.

Sure but maybe the creator just decided to speak up now because GIFs HAVE become so popular and he just wants his 15 minutes of fame.

But we're arguing about something that mostly pertains to funny cats on the internet.

But we're arguing about something that mostly pertains to funny cats on the internet.


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