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Excessively loud motorcycles should be made illegal.

Agree. They are a nuisance to everyone who lives in the neighborhood that the bike is riding.

Disagree. Motorcycles are loud as a form of safety. Unlike cars that have four wheels, if a bike gets hit the results are far more devastating. Noise makes sure other motorists are aware of a motorcycle.

Yeah but if riders are so concerned with safety, maybe they shouldn't be riding such a dangerous vehicle in the first place.

Yeah but the act of moving fast in any format can be dangerous. Motorcycles are generally more dangerous because of other vehicles, not the rider themselves.

Fine but there's a level of volume that is loud enough, then there's just flat out obnoxious. It's obviously not easy to draw hard lines, but if a motorcycle is just as loud as an ambulance, that's just too loud. It should be illegal.

Fine but it's a slippery slope because then if we make loud motorcycles illegal for being annoying, we should also make other things that are annoying illegal. Like loud talking, or blasting music out of your car windows.

Ok I realize that enforcing such things would be difficult, but in the future I could see an audio version of something like a "red light camera" that tracks the volume of specific vehicles. You break X decibels, you get a citation or ticket.

OK but isn't that something that would just get abused by the local police to generate more revenue. Just like speeding tickets today?

Sure but creating more awareness of loud motorcycles being frowned upon would help nudge people towards quieting their rides or switching to the far more efficient electric versions of a motorcycle.

Sure but most motorcycles aren't about efficiency. They're toys that people enjoy using when they're not driving their car. Loud bikes are part of the culture and they only go by a home for a few moments. It's not a prolonged annoyance.

But in the summer when you have 10, 20, 50 bikes go by your house a day, it does become a prolonged annoyance.

But even though you want to be freed of this particular annoyance, you'll probably be a lot more annoyed if you have local governments enforcing this kind of minutia.


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