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Personal drones should be banned.

Agree. There are countless ways drones can violate privacy and endanger the safety of citizens in public spaces.

Disagree. Just because a camera on a drone is up high in the air doesn't make it any worse than someone holding a camera from the ground. 

Yeah but a drone can get to places that a paparazzi for example cannot. For example it could fly over a fence and snap shots of celebrities that a person could never get.

Yeah but in that case the drone user is violating the law. They should be prosecuted but it doesn't mean that all drones should be banned.

Fine I see your point but the issue is that it's too difficult to prosecute people for illegal drone activity. Drones don't have to be registered and it would be easy for someone engaged in nefarious activity to drop the remote and run away if they ever got close to getting caught.

Fine but that's just how these kinds of things work. If someone runs a red light, they have to be caught in the act by a person or a camera. Society could manage to punish the bad apples without having to take drones away from anyone.

Ok so how about safety and security? Lots of drone users are flying these things over crowded spaces. What if one malfunctions and crashes down on a child? What if someone with bad intentions weaponizes these things and flies them into a music festival?

OK but these kinds of worst case scenarios can happen in a million different ways. We can't go trying to stop the evil-doers by taking away a bunch of freedoms. Look at how worthless the TSA is when it comes to airport safety. It's an inconvenience not a deterrent. 

Sure but most things that involve transportation or driving/flying/floating require a license. If you own a car, boat, or plane you need a series of certifications or a license. Until a drone license exists that ensures safe operation, these things should be banned.

Sure but bicycles and skateboards don't require a license. They are modes of transportation. They're light versions of transport, just like a drone is a light version of a helicopter. There's minimal risk with a consumer drone and therefore a license would be overkill.

But until we have more time to understand this technology and set guidelines/rules for safety, we should not let them fly around like it's the wild west.

But until we have more time to understand this technology we shouldn't curb the growth of this potentially amazing consumer technology.


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