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The metric system should be implemented in the U.S.

Agree. Enough is enough. Basically the entire world has adopted the metric system of measurement and it's a joke that America hasn't.

Disagree. Even if it's a smart system of measurement, it isn't worth the infrastructure cost to make the metric system a reality. Cars, construction, engineering, everything.

Yes but the longer we wait, the more expensive it's going to get. We should rip the band-aid off and get it done sooner than later and stop wasting time.

Yes everything gets more expensive over time, but as technology improves it gets easier to translate numbers to and from metric. You can google conversions in seconds.

Fine but the world is becoming more global each day. We shouldn't complicate things by using a different system than the rest of the world when we're working with other nations.

Fine it adds an extra step here or there, but as an economic superpower, arguably the largest, other countries will happily work around the extra small step to earn American dollars.

OK but economics aside, isn't this really just about politics? Aren't we just playing the stubborn nation that doesn't want to change because we really don't have to? 

OK even if that's partially true, we don't have to, and we shouldn't have to. That's like saying we need to conduct business in Chinese if we want to work with China.

Sure but the reality is that most other countries that work with us, like China, end up speaking English because they do want to work with us. And that's far more difficult than using the metric system.

Sure but American's are just as driven by making money. If there were a huge economic incentive for us to switch to metric, we would have already done it. Money talks.

But besides the money, it's irresponsible to continue teaching our children something that the rest of the world flat out dismisses.

But we teach our kids useless things all the time. Look at cursive. Look at how we force kids to memorize the names of presidents. If we're going to revamp how we teach kids units of measurement we will have to revamp most of our education system too.


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