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Forget wedding registries. Just gift cash.

Agree. Registries and physical gifts are an antiquated tradition that are becoming less useful each day.

Disagree. Giving a wedding gift off a registry lets you provide a couple with something tangible items they'll always associate with you.

Yeah but are they really going to be reminded of you when most wedding gifts get used once or twice and year on special occasions? How many times do you need a glass punchbowl? 

Yeah but the item you buy as the gifter is totally your decision. You don't have to get something obscure, it could be a day-to-day item like knives or a blender.

Fine but as people are getting married older, they're accumulating most of the common stuff before their wedding. That means the registries end up getting filled with items that are less common since the couple already has most of the stuff.

Fine but the couple could also have tons of cheap and non-matching household items. A wedding registry is a great opportunity for a new couple to revamp their homewares with really nice sets and then give away the old stuff to charity.

OK but won't money be way more useful for most couples? Money is a much simpler exchange for all parties involved. It can go towards stuff, vacations, paying for the wedding, etc.

OK that's true, but giving money feels very businesslike and clinical. Like the wedding is a restaurant and you're paying for your seats as if you were a customer.

Sure but when you strip everything away, that's basically what is happening. 

Sure but if a couple decides to have a wedding, they shouldn't expect guests should have to pay for their attendance. What if the wedding is super extravagant? A physical gift from a registry takes a lot of guilt off the person attending the wedding.

But how is giving a couple a $50 tea kettle better than giving them $50 in cash? The guest should commit to giving as much as they can afford. The only difference is that by using a registry you're adding an extra step.

But if the newlyweds are so concerned with recouping their expenses instead of getting heart-felt gifts, shouldn't they just spend less money on the wedding?


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