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It's more acceptable for women to wear sandals to work than men.

Agree. Not to generalize, but most women take better care of their feet than men.

Disagree. Even if that's true, men who do take care of their feet shouldn't feel judged by wearing the same style shoes to work. 

Yeah but the reality is that there are social norms in place. And it goes both ways. Men can probably get away with wearing sneakers more often than women can in the workplace.

Yeah but if we're talking about a casual work environment where sandals or sneakers are allowed in the first place, no one should feel more judged for wearing either.

Fine but we're not talking about dress codes here, we're discussing social acceptance of sandals in the work place. And social acceptance for men doing this is lower than for women.

Fine but that's only true the way you're interpreting the statement. I'm not talking about what most people think, my point is that it SHOULD be just as acceptable for either gender to wear open footwear at work if they work at a company with casual dress.

Ok but that's assuming all rules or social norms apply to genders equally across the board, and they don't. I'm not saying that's right, but that's our reality. 

Ok I understand that point for larger issues like healthcare or salary but we're talking about clothing here. There's no reason that any employee should have unique restrictions on them based on their gender.

Sure but small things can lead to unnecessary distractions. Having to look at a guy's gross feet during a meeting, or worse, smell them, is not acceptable. 

Sure but maybe women take care of their feet more because it has become more socially acceptable for them to show them? It's very likely that if guys started wearing sandals in the workplace more often, they'd also start improving their foot maintenance.

But do you seriously believe that? Guys are relatively lazy when it comes to that kind of grooming.

But the marketing for men's care products is exploding. Face creams, hair products, and more are all growing incredibly quickly. There's no reason hands and feet aren't next.


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