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It's better to sacrifice the arts versus sports in schools.

Agree. Obviously having to pick one is terrible, but if a choice has to be made, sports are worth keeping over the arts because they're more accessible to more people.

Disagree. There are just as many types of art as there are types of sports. Although there may be more fans of sports than the arts, actually participating in the arts is far easier for more people.

Yeah but not that many varieties of art are actually very accessible. For example sculpting, glass, and metal are really difficult to practice outside of the classroom.

Yeah but the same logic applies to sports. You can't play basketball unless you have a hoop. You can't play hockey without an ice rink.

Fine but so many athletics require almost no, or very minimal equipment. Football and soccer for example can be played with one ball and an open field.

Fine but think about the costs associated with a school investing in athletics versus the arts. Maintaining large sports facilities, fields, and seating is far more expensive than art supplies.

Ok the investment in sports may be higher but the return on investment is too. Parents and neighborhood businesses are far more willing to donate to athletics programs than to art. So schools should cater to the supply of willing donors. 

OK but schools aren't for-profit businesses. They should strive to include as many students as possible in stimulating activities. Given the competitive nature of most sports, many students feel excluded whereas art lets everyone participate.

Sure but there's always going to be competition amongst students. Don't think that in a drawing class kids aren't going to compare their work with each other to see who is best. At least with sports many students can feel success by winning as a team, even if they're not the star.

Sure but there's a lot of value in funding the arts over sports from a creative development standpoint. Sports teaches people to follow rules and build up their bodies. That's all well and good, but the arts helps develop thinking that leads to entrepreneurship and inventiveness. 

But sports requires tons of creativity. Sure there are rules, but so many athletics require improvisation, introspection, and collaboration. All hugely important for being a productive employee in the future.

But athletics can also lead to injuries while doing all those things you've mentioned. No one is going to cause themselves permanent harm while painting or writing a short-story.


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