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Shared Plates are Bogus

Agree. You almost always walk away hungry because you didn't have enough food to eat that you liked.

Disagree. The point of shared plates isn't to get full, it's to have the opportunity to try a lot of different things.

Yeah but isn't there just a little bit of arrogance on the part of the chef here? He or she thinks they're food is SO good that you have to try everything...

Yeah but that's why you went to a restaurant in the first place. Sure you could go and get the same thing you always get and be satisfied, but trying new things is how you learn what your favorite foods really are.

Fine but shared plates wind up costing way more than standard individual meals. And you feel like going to get a cheeseburger after you're done. Seems like a bad use of your money.

Fine but you always pay for variety. Whether it's a buffet, a music concert, or a basket of sample cosmetics, you're not going to use everything but the opportunity to try lots of items is a premium worth paying for.

OK but there's also the factor of individual palettes. If you go out with a bunch of friends and some don't like fish, or some are vegetarian, etc, a lot of people end up not having that much variety at all. They just eat the few items that they can stomach. And unless they hog the few items they want, there's not much food to be eaten.

OK but it's the responsibility of the person going to the restaurant to know what kind of food to expect. Every place has a menu online. Go to their website and scope out what you'd like before you get to the meal.

Sure but a lot of times you get invited out and don't have a choice in the matter. Then you're just stuck at a restaurant eating a tiny bit of food and feeling uncomfortable to order more for yourself.

Sure but do you really think anyone will judge you for ordering another item? Let everyone else enjoy the shared plates and just order a few more items and let the table know why. It's not a big deal.

But then you're signaling to the host or the person that invited you that you don't like their decision in restaurant. It's not fair to put them in that position.

But if you know you're going to a place where you won't like a lot of the food, just stop for a cheeseburger beforehand...


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