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Stealing Wi-Fi is wrong.

Agree. It's a utility someone pays for like water or electricity. Using it without permission is stealing.

Disagree. It's 2015. At this point if someone has Wi-Fi beaming from their home sans password they simply don't care if anyone else uses it.

Yeah that's possibly a small minority of people, but there are still plenty of older generations that don't know how to set up a password. And by using their signal you're taking away from a product they pay for.

Yeah but the people who don't know how to lock up their Wi-Fi are probably not the ones who need much bandwidth anyways. They're checking email and using Facebook, not uploading videos to Dropbox or something.

Fine but that's not your call.

Fine technically you're right, but it's kind of a victimless crime. Is it technically illegal...maybe. Is it morally wrong, no. 

Ok so it's illegal but it's not wrong?

Ok isn't going over the speed limit illegal too? Yes, but the vast majority of people wouldn't say it's wrong. Certain things are just acceptable in society. Using an open Wi-Fi network is one of them.

Sure but you might not say that if someone was using your network. What if someone used your network without permission and then transferred illegal files on your Wi-Fi?

Sure that would suck but I also wouldn't be stupid enough to leave my Wi-Fi unlocked. That's like leaving your front door open.

But doors have been around for thousands of years, wireless routers haven't. You shouldn't take advantage of something that is still relatively new to some people.

But seriously this is no worse than throwing out a piece of trash in a dumpster that belongs to someone else. As long as you're not inhibiting the owner from appropriate usage, it's not a big deal.


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