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It's fine to eat a piece of produce at the store before you pay for it.

Agree. Once you throw the food in your cart it's basically yours. It's all going to be rung up anyways.

Disagree. A basic transaction isn't complete until money changes hand. Unless the grocery store has a sign that says "free samples" you're technically stealing. 

Yeah but think about how much produce the store throws away each day. Eating a few grapes or berries before check-out is inconsequential to the grocer.

Yeah but it's a slippery slope. First it's a grape or two. Then it's a big strawberry. Then it's a clementine orange. Then it's an entire watermelon. 

Fine I get your point but that's kind of extreme. People aren't going to eat an entire watermelon in the store.

Fine but I'm just saying that if you don't draw clear lines then people are going to abuse the system. 

OK that does happen sometimes, but people have been sampling fruit and veggies before paying for probably centuries. No disasters have happened. 

OK true but let's say someone picked a grape off the vine in the store, then stuck it in their mouth, then got bacteria on their hand, then put their hand on the next piece of fruit they picked up, then they left it alone and you picked it up and ate it. Doesn't seem so OK now does it?

Sure but you could get sick in so many ways when you're exposed to people. Restaurants are a very common place to pick up a virus.

Sure but when you go to a restaurant the staff is trained to avoid unsanitary actions that could get you sick. Letting random people mix their hands/mouths with food you're going to eat is a horrible idea. It's less about ethics and more about cleanliness. 

But people manhandle fruit and veggies at the store all the time. That's part of the experience.

But the mouth is the dirtiest part of your body and it needs to be keep disconnected from your hands and the produce I'm potentially going to buy.


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