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Daylight savings time should go away.

Agree. It's completely unnecessary and causes more confusion than it's worth. 

Disagree. It's nice to optimize our daylight as the seasons change.

Yeah but most industrialized countries aren't full of people who work outside where natural light matters. We have this thing called electricity that helps us light things up.

Yeah but artificial light isn't the same. The human body responds positively to natural light.

Fine but considering modern work hours are no longer 9-to-5, daylight savings doesn't even seem relevant anymore.

Fine but they do help save energy costs by letting more of the workday have natural light versus us relying on electric.

Ok that might have been important back before we had fully air-conditioned buildings full of flat screen monitors and other electronics, but today light bulbs are so efficient that saving an hour really doesn't matter.

Ok but isn't it so nice when you gain that extra hour of sleep when the clocks get set back.

Sure but isn't it horrible when you lose an hour when clocks swing ahead?

Sure but generally people benefit from DST because the mornings get more sun. It's nice to have a little light when you wake up, even if it means night falls more quickly.

But depending on where you live it doesn't really help. During the winter in the U.S., it's just dark. All. The. Time.

But that's exactly why we should try to squeeze as much daylight into our standard day as we can!


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