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A pet monkey would be easier to handle than a pet tiger.

Agree. Generally monkeys are less than 100 pounds and in case anything happened it would be a lot easier to control. A tiger on average will be around 500 pounds.

Disagree. Although a tiger is bigger, it's also slower and doesn't climb up on trees. You're always going to know where a tiger is, but a monkey could easily hide from you.

Yeah but that doesn't change the fact that a tiger could easily tackle you and kill you. A monkey really doesn't have that capacity on its own.

Yeah but we're talking about exotic animals here. Whether it's a tiger or a monkey, the owner would have a proper environment to keep the respective animals contained. Based on having a zoo-like space to hold the animal, a tiger would be way easier to own as a pet.

Fine but think about the food expenses. A monkey probably can live off a few bananas and vegetables each day. A tiger requires a lot more food and that adds up.

Fine but again both are exotic creatures. Anyone who can procure a tiger or monkey for personal use isn't going to be hard up for money.

Ok but what if the owners in this scenario were circus folk who felt sorry for the animal(s) and decided to take one of them home to live in better conditions? The monkey is going to be the right choice here.

Ok but based on that logic lets assume their not circus folk, maybe they're drug lords who need protection. Having a tiger would be great protection from rival gangs compared to a stupid monkey.

Sure but the tiger could easily turn on you too. A monkey would just run away and that would be that.

Sure but if you recall in the film "Scarface", cocaine gives you super strength and the ability to withstand bullets. A tiger would be no match for someone like Tony Montana.

But back to reality, a monkey is almost a human. It would be a lot easier to train and get along with.

But it also might jump around all your furniture and throw feces at your neighbors. A tiger would likely sleep 20 hours a day as long as you throw it a steak once in a while.


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