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Make military service mandatory for at least 2 years.

Agree. It's an incredible learning experience and the most significant way someone can serve their country.

Disagree. There are countless ways to serve our country besides being part of the war machine.

Yeah but forget about the battle element. Going through basic training and serving a year or two is a fantastic way to transition a person from being a child to an adult. Serving in the military teaches responsibility and teamwork.

Yeah it typically does, but we don't need to force people into this specific route of gaining such skills. There are plenty of other options like volunteering for non-profits, joining international aid efforts, or even starting a small business.

Fine but all those things are still possible even after a couple years of military service.

Fine but we as a country spend a great deal of money on recruiting people to join the military. If it were a requirement we wouldn't need to "bribe" folks into joining anymore.

Ok but the cost savings there is likely negligible compared to the overall defense budget or paying for all those people while they're serving. Making service mandatory would also improve the overall quality of troops because you'd have a larger variety of backgrounds.

Ok or it would make the overall quality worse because instead of self-selecting candidates who are actively interested in serving you'd have a huge portion of individuals who feel bitter while being forced to serve.

Sure that might be a small portion of citizens, but look at Israel. Their service is mandatory and military time is seen as a connective tissue that unifies the entire population.

Sure but let's not forget there also could be actual wars that people get sent to. This isn't just a team building exercise. If there's a conflict going on during one's service, they could be sent into a extremely dangerous situation.

But shouldn't citizens have to take that small risk in the name of living in one of the best countries on Earth? It isn't fair to push the responsibility of defense on a small group of volunteers.

But what about when a person gets sent to a war that later is found to be futile or based on incorrect information like Iraq?


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