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People go a little overboard with bacon.

Agree. It's tasty. It's great, but people talk about bacon like it's a religion. That's weird.

Disagree. There's a reason people lose their shit over bacon. Because it's one of the most delicious foods on the planet.

Yeah it's very good, but when you break it down it's just a combination of salt, butter, and fat. All those things are great and can be combined with lots of other foods besides bacon.

Yeah and people do that all the time but it's not the same. Bacon has so much versatility. It can be crispy, it can be soft, it can be shaped and chopped.

Fine Bubba, but what about something like cheese? It's just as versatile and yet doesn't get as much love.

Fine but people do really love cheese. And cheese is probably a close second to bacon.

Ok but isn't bacon a little lazy? It seems like so many restaurants just wrap stuff in bacon to make it taste good. I want to eat at a place where they can make brussel sprouts taste good with slathering them in pig fat.

Ok but why? You make it sound like it's a bad thing to add a delicious ingredient to something that is slightly delicious. People want tasty food at restaurants and adding bacon makes things more tasty.

Sure it does, but variety is an important part of life. Do we really want to just make everything taste like bacon? Because it seems like people are putting bacon in literally everything. Ice cream, donuts, and the list goes on.

Sure but isn't that exactly what you're saying you want? People are being experimental with bacon to make it different? Instead of just serving up bacon strips next to eggs, talented chefs are finding new formats and keeping things fresh.

But the problem with bacon is that it just makes everything taste like bacon.

But I'm still unclear why this is bad.


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