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Society will be better off if cigarettes are illegal.

Agree. They cut people's lives short for no reason.

Disagree. They make people feel good. And there are plenty of legal things that people use or consume that make them feel good. Booze and junk food to name just two.

Yeah but in moderation those two things aren't going to cause permanent damage.

Yeah same goes for smoking.

Fine but cigarettes have addictive chemicals in them that make moderation very difficult.

Fine but sugar and fat can be just as addictive.

Ok but look at the cost of cigarettes on society. If or when a person develops lung issues due to smoking, they become a burden on our medical system.

Ok but everyone eventually becomes a burden on the medical system. Eventually, the vast majority of people will develop cancer or heart disease. And that's going to cause a lot either way.

Sure but if that person lives a healthier smoke-free life they'll have spent more time paying into the medical insurance pool and thus they're more putting in more than they're taking out.

Sure you could look at it that way, but to look at it from a purely mathematical standpoint, the longer a person lives, the more their healthcare will cost. Not to be cold, but if smokers live shorter lives, they take less out of the healthcare system.

But think about all the great things a smoker could achieve in life if they had a few extra healthy years on Earth. What if a person died prematurely from smoking and they were on their way to inventing something incredible?

But what if that person outputs more work into the world because the nicotine keeps all their routines running faster than the average non-smoker?


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