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DJs are not musicians.

Agree. Unless a DJ knows how to play an analog instrument like piano or drums, it's not fair to call them a musician.

Disagree. It doesn't matter how the sounds are made. It's about how they're combined into a melody that's unique and moving.

Yeah but so much work is removed from the human when making music electronically. For example a guitarist has to pay close attention to timing, volume, hand movements, and more at the same time. With a computer, a person just selects different sounds and plugs them into a timeline. Way less work required.

Yeah but the amount of work shouldn't be that big of a factor. One could argue that it takes less work to play a bongo versus a trumpet but the bongo player is considered a musician.

Fine but if someone is up on stage singing or playing the violin, you can't argue they're not producing music at that moment. A DJ in theory could just hit play and many might not know the difference.

Fine but what about backup singers and looping machines that are often used by performers? Isn't that the same thing.

Ok it's a similar use of technology but it isn't the primary source of music. In the case of a DJ, the majority of the music is generated electronically.

Ok but you could argue that technology is just getting us to the same point, but faster. If music is mostly about composition, then we don't need to worry about how the sounds are made.

Sure but there is an unspoken amount of value we place on an artist who can do something that most cannot. Mastering an instrument is out of reach for most people. But being a good DJ is very attainable for anyone with a decent understanding of computers.

Sure that also means the bar is way higher. A mediocre singer might still be called a musician where as a mediocre DJ would not. The best DJs are MUCH better than the hordes of dabblers, and they are indeed musicians.

But as software improves and more people can create electronic music without much composition skills, it's going to get much harder to tell who the true artists are.

But that goes for any kind of music. Most of pop music is electronically polished vocals that turn talentless hacks into megastars. 


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