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It's ok for humans to send trash out into outer space.

Agree. Assuming it was cost-effective to shoot all our trash right at the sun, we should. It would prevent us from dumping all that nastiness in our backyards.

Disagree. Even if it were possible and cost effective, that's so wrong. We have the right to trash our own planet, but throwing garbage into outer space is where the line is drawn.

Yeah but we know there's no other life in our particular galaxy. So really it's all ours and we should do with it what we want. Considering Earth is the only (current) hospitable place it's actually MORE responsible to send our trash out to space that's being wasted.

Yeah but what if an alien life form comes down for a visit and then doesn't see us because of the huge block of space garbage flying around?

Fine let's pretend that's a thing. Any life forms capable of space travel is also going to have the ability to weave around some orbiting trash.

Fine but that doesn't leave a very good first impression of us as a species. They'll think we're a-holes who like to litter in space.

Ok but aliens aside we need to worry about us and our survival. Piling trash on the moon, or mars, or into floating clusters means all those nasty chemicals are away from our groundwater.

Ok but there's also the possibility of some the trash coming back down to Earth and hitting people at a super high speed.

Sure but only if it's a giant piece of trash. Most of that stuff would burn up in the atmosphere.

Sure maybe that's true, but even if all that's true, won't sending trash into space just reinforce our wasteful ways? Instead of recycling and reusing things we'll just keep making crap, buying stuff, and sending it away.

But people don't feel the effects of the trash we are accumulating here anyways. Whether it's under a huge hill, or sent off into space, people are still going to be wasteful here as long as it's cheap to buy new versus re-use. 

But people actually are feeling the effects. Those huge piles of plastic bottles floating in the ocean are going to get worse and worse. Real change is probably going to happen now that we are running out of room on our planet.


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