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NASCAR is not a sport.

Agree. It's a skill and it requires talent, but a NASCAR driver is really more of an entertainer than an athlete. Like a singer or pro wrestler.

Disagree. Driving at high speeds for prolonged periods of time put a lot of strain on the human body and mind.

Yeah but so does competitive video gaming or poker. But people don't consider those things sports either.

Yeah but if you calculated the number of calories lost doing those things versus racing, NASCAR drivers would blow other "non-sports" out of the water.

Fine racing takes a lot of effort, but NASCAR specifically focuses on driving in a big circle. At least with Le Mans and Formula 1 drivers have to take a variety of turns. 

Fine but it's all about nuance. There's lots of tiny strategic moves a NASCAR driver has to make to take the lead. Timing, aerodynamics, and attention are all needed to beat the competition. And that takes athleticism.

Ok but here's the thing, if you take a basketball player, or runner, or swimmer out of their element they're still going to be able to perform way above average at most athletic endeavors compared to the average person. Not sure a NASCAR driver would have that same capability.

Ok but you could say the same thing about golfers.

Sure and it's fair to say they're not athletes either. Golf is just a hobby and some people are really good at that hobby.

Sure but that's not really for you to determine. It's for the fans and the participants to decide. If you don't care about NASCAR that's ok, but the people who do care are the ones who get to label it.

But not really. There are facts and there are opinions. And if we're saying that NASCAR is in fact a sport (which it isn't) then everyone has input. Because facts are things that all people have to accept.

But facts change over time because of shifts in understanding and culture. The Earth was once considered flat, as a fact. Now it's not. NASCAR may not have been a sport in 1965. In 2015, it is.


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