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Detailed Instructions

SETUP There should be two piles of cards on the table. One for Devil’s Advocate (DA) Cards, another for Reader cards. Everyone must start each round with 3 Devil’s Advocate Cards in their hand that they draw from the DA pile. The game will also require a timer (use a phone, clock, etc.)

BASICS Pick a random person to start the game as a reader. That person will take a card from the reader pile and read the statement that everyone else will either agree or disagree with in that round. The group will then discuss, debate, and question for the next 60 seconds (time can be adjusted by group depending on size). The reader is not allowed to speak during that time, only after everyone reveals their card. The reader is responsible for keeping time.

When the timer runs out, the reader should re-read the argument one more time, and then on the count of three, everyone should flash their one card to the rest of the group with either “Agree” or “Disagree” facing upward, including the reader (the reader will use the special reader card).

GAMEPLAY The goal for each player is to try and anticipate what position the reader is going to take. If you guess right, you get the number of points on that card (either 1, 2, or 3). Players should choose to play those cards based on how confident they are that they'll anticipate the opinion of the reader correctly. Unlike the rest of the players in that round who are flashing point cards, the reader will have a simple white and black card that signifies their position that round. This card will move around the circle as the reader changes.

Anyone that ends up siding with the reader wins that round and gets to keep their point cards and should place their card in a pile in front of them, face down. All the losers of that round must relinquish that card back to the bottom of the main deck. The reader does not score in the round they're reading. When the round is over, person to the reader’s left becomes the next reader. Before the next round begins, everyone must once again make sure they are starting with 3 cards in hand.

HOW TO WIN This repeats until someone reaches 21 total points in their pile.. If two people tie at 21, the group should decide on an appropriate death match round. This could involve playing additional rounds, or just having the tying players literally fight to the death. Depends on what kind of night it is.

SPECIAL DEVIL’S ADVOCATE CARDS The deck contains DA cards that also have special instructions. These cards should be played carefully as some of them can swing the entire round. The special instructions on these cards are optional, and don't have to be used by the person flashing them. If a player opts not to use the special ability, the cards simply function as standard points cards. If more than one person flashes a special card, they should be played in order starting from the person to the reader’s left.

FILL IN THE BLANK READER CARDS When the reader chooses a card that has blanks, they must choose a random person in the group to fill in those blanks. The reader will still ultimately decide whether they agree or disagree with the custom statement.