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Press Kit


Devil's Advocate is a party game currently running a successful launch campaign on Kickstarter. The goal of Devil's Advocate is to anticipate how your friends will feel about certain polarizing statements. Will they agree, disagree, or hide their true opinion? Devil's Advocate is a table top card game designed for parties of 4-16 people. It draws inspiration from: Would You Rather?, Poker, and people who like to argue on Facebook (which is basically everyone).




After years and years of watching people argue on Facebook, Len noticed that many folks aren't skilled enough in the art of debate. Although Devil's Advocate is just a silly party game, Len's secret agenda is to help make everyone just a bit more empathetic and willing to acknowledge both sides of an argument. 


Like most creative products, Devil's Advocate is a combination of many ideas. In terms of game mechanics, the reason DA is superior to other games on the market is that it requires each player to be involved in every round. And because it's not a winner take all scenario during each of those rounds, all players will feel motivated to participate throughout the entire game. If you'd like to see more detailed instructions, you can do so here.


Len Kendall is a digital marketer by trade, a graduate of Second City's comedy writing school, and supposedly "internet famous" for proposing to his wife by turning himself into an internet meme on Buzzfeed. Devil's Advocate is his first card game. It was inspired by his wonderful friends who enjoy debating topics even when it involves taking a position they don't truly believe in. Why do they do that? Because they're a**holes who like to argue. But an interesting thing happens when someone takes a position that's opposite to their own...great conversations, empathy, and uncovering the mysteries of life. Or something like that.